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    For those who didn’t get an offer, I’ve been there before and experienced that feeling for four years before I got in. I think the worst feeling w...
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    Do you come from a disadvantaged background? These schemes could be the difference between getting into medical and not getting in!
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    UCAT Abstract Reasoning is the most daunting section when you first encounter it. Here's how Neura Academy's Founder, Fahad, made Abstract Reasoning his strongest section 🏋️‍♂️!
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    Timing is probably the most difficult thing about the UCAT. Learn more about UCAT timing in this blog ❤️️!
  • 3 Things you can do to Make the UCAT Seem Easy 📖

    Preparing for the UCAT feels terrifying at first but trust me, with the right preparation, this feeling subsides 😌.