LAST MINUTE NEURA WORKSHOP: Preparing for the big day

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Our famous last minute UCAT workshop hosted by @Fahad_Teaches & @Harnooreo took place on the 22nd of June! You can still register for this workshop to access the almost 4-hour recording.


This workshop covers:

Verbal Reasoning: The “hardest” skill to master in VR.

Decision Making: Graph reading, logic puzzles and spatial equations.

Quantitative Reasoning: Tax questions and the tricky concept of adding units of time.

Abstract Reasoning: Not going to spoil it 👀.


This is a MUST-watch! Shortly after registering, you will receive an invitation to view the workshop with instructions on how to access the recording. These invitations are sent manually so they may take a few hours to be sent out. This recording will be available until the end of September 2024.



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Bilal Aydogan
very helpful

learnt ways to tackle the UCAT which I would have never considered before and I'm certain they will be super helpful during the actual test.

THANK YOU Bilal! Best of luck with your UCAT :)

Learnt Heaps

The workshop helped a lot and solidified what I needed to focus on for the days leading up to my exam. Participating in the workshop by answering questions assisted me in really understanding what I was doing rather than passively absorbing information. Overall, great workshop 100% recommend it to anyone doing the UCAT.

Thank you for such a kind review! We were so glad to have you yesterday at the workshop and we can't wait to hear how you do in the real UCAT :)

Extremely Thorough

Fahad and Harnoor taught really unique techniques and methods I've never seen and they were really quick methods. They went overtime to ensure we learned to our full extent. They answered all questions both about ucat and medicine in general and went above and beyond for a really cheap price. 10/10 experience

We were MORE THAN HAPPY to have shared with you our experience and answer all your questions :). Make sure you practice these things and re-watch the recording for any parts you want to consolidate! Can't wait to see how you do !!

Amazing Workshop

I knew that this workshop is going to smash it. Harnoor, Fahad and Abi are amazing they provide us with their own experiences of the UCAT and their journey which is invaluable. They went through all the sections and tips how to do better and honestly at least boost my confidence that I can make it.

Sameer S.
Couldn’t have been better

This webinar was extremely in-depth and interactive. This wasn’t like other webinars where either you can’t participate, Farad and his team answered every single question asked, while also keeping us all engaged. We went 1.5 hours over schedule, yet there was no drama about it. 100% recommend to anyone looking to do the UCAT regardless of whether you’re new to it or have done it multiple times.