🦷 🩺 1-on-1 UCAT Mentoring Program

🦷 🩺 1-on-1 UCAT Mentoring Program

Neura Academy
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In this 11-session tutoring program, students will get:

🤝 2-hr UCAT sessions with Fahad or Harnoor delivered via Zoom.

📚 Complete UCAT training for all 5 subsections.

📝 Personalised UCAT and high school/university study plans.

🏥 Individualised medical/dental school application advice (we will tell you EXACTLY where to apply).

💰 Looking for a tiny discount? Email Fahad@NeuraAcademy.com with the subject line "1 on 1 discount" for an alternative payment method and a small discount. 


📅 Class times will be determined alongside the student via email. Class will be held 6pm - 8pm on weekdays or an alternate time on the weekend, depending on availabilities. 

Send us an email to set up a free 15-minute Zoom consult to discuss how this mentorship program will benefit you!
📧 Contact: Fahad@NeuraAcademy.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nuha Alwahwah
Ucat review

Fahad is a very determined and intelligent tutor who genuinely cares for his clients . He provided me with the best base needed to help me feel confident in starting my Ucat studies. Highly recommend!!

Excellent Course

Getting a UCAT percentile rank of 90+, I cannot recommend this mentorship enough. It had so much more than I anticipated. Every course has its set ways of teaching students how to do the questions, but my mentor not only accommodated my strengths but helped me excel in them and figure out the technique that would help me most on exam day.

The best feature of this mentorship by far is stress management and what to do on exam day, which I found out was just as important as knowing each question type and how to solve them. Having a calm mindset in a high-pressure situation allowed me to maximise my score. Having my mentor talk to me about stress management and motivation was just as helpful as all the content we had covered in the sessions.

Thank you Ali! You were such a brilliant student. We were more than happy to assist you with your UCAT prep this year and are so proud of your brilliant 90+ percentile mark.


toufic ashraf
HIGHLY recommend!

An important part of mentoring is not only the ability to provide a tailored form of teaching to help identify students strengths and weakness but also the ability to deliver and transfer the knowledge onto the student and Fahad is the prefect example of such, all a reflection of my experience in Neura Academy. Additionally Fahad introduces unique methods and techniques on all 5 sections of the UCAT which, in my experience, have not been taught anywhere else. The implementation of Neura Academy’s methods have allowed for an almost immediate elevation in mock averages and confidence.