UCAT Deconstruction Course 🚧

UCAT Deconstruction Course 🚧

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In this 16-week UCAT course, students will get:

🧠 Complete training for the UCAT - these lessons will equip you with Neura's top secret UCAT strategies (what's said in this class, stays in this class🤫).

🏥 Individualised medical/dental school application advice (we will tell you EXACTLY where to apply).

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  • All classes will be held on Zoom.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jianna Ainsworth

Harnoor truly goes above and beyond to ensure you are feeling confident and prepared for the UCAT. She is the most lovely person ever who supports and encourages you throughout your entire UCAT journey (even on test day!) and her passion for teaching really shines through each of our lessons, which ultimately facilitates a warm, welcoming and engaging environment. Neuras UCAT subtest tips are very unique, thorough and immensely helpful and they ensure you know how to answer every possible question type you may encounter.

I cannot thank and recommend Harnoor and the team enough- Neuras UCAT course is truly worth every cent!!

Sarah George
Couldn’t recommend enough!!

Fahad is an amazing tutor who truly goes above and beyond for all of his students. The course goes into great detail on how to improve and succeed in each different section of the UCAT as well as detailed test day strategies. Nothing is every too much for Fahad who often allows class to run over time and will schedule extra time with students for no extra charge. The classes were always enjoyable and I truly couldn’t recommend Fahad and his team enough!!

Felicity A.
This is the only course you need to excel in UCAT!

I was never satisfied with UCAT classes until I had my first class with Neura Academy! From all the resources and strategies provided for each section of the UCAT, to the challenging questions specifically picked out from question banks to demonstrate how to use each strategy- I left feeling well equipped and more confident in approaching the UCAT. The group environment allowed me to hear from other peers from all different abilities so that we could all learn from each other. I never felt judged when I didn’t understand a question or when I got a question wrong because Fahad created such a warm and welcoming environment. Without a doubt, the best thing about these classes is the amount of support and guidance you receive! Fahad provided me that boost of confidence I needed to excel in the exam and I highly recommend anyone to purchase this course, you won’t regret it!

What else do you need?

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient breakdown of all the ucat sections with ample explanations of various techniques and time saving tips, this is the course for you! The group setting really allows you to work as a team with your other classmates to answer questions and think about each other’s thought processes to each question, which can be vital for understanding the UCAT. Not only do they provide a breakdown of each section, but TWO mock reviews really a guide you through a reflective process to understand exactly where and why you made certain mistakes to not repeat them again or in the real UCAT. This course is fantastic and with Fahad and Harnoor’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching, it’s definitely worth every cent.

Hazel Carson
Couldn't recommend this course enough!

Fahad and his team are one of, if not the best, tutoring companies out there. The resources and information provided, along with the unwavering support, was instrumental in my success in the UCAT and being accepted into medical school. I was amazed by the depth of feedback provided following the mocks, and felt this prepared me for success in the actual exam. I couldn't recommend Fahad and his team enough!!