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Neura's application workshop & application marking service aims to work with students to develop authentic responses to the James Cook University (JCU) medical and dental school applications.

In this small-group workshop, students will:

✅ Learn the best-practice techniques to communicate their suitability for the medicine/dentistry course at JCU.

✍ Work through live exercises designed to construct meaningful responses to every question in the JCU application.

❤️ Receive live feedback from our most experienced tutor, Fahad, who will extract the best points for students to include in their applications. 

Students will enjoy many benefits from a comprehensive review of their application, including:

📊 Written report (averaging over 2000 words for most application reviews) with final impressions and directions for change.

🔥 Access to a reviewer who has received multiple Australian medical school interviews at personal statement and/or portofolio-requiring universities such as James Cook University (undergraduate entry) and the University of Notre Dame, Sydney (graduate entry).

📝 Recommendations in line with current best practices to complete applications - this includes sentences to take away/add/re-word. 

✅ Highlighting of strong and weak points of your application - this’ll help you focus on your strengths in writing while cutting out/minimising the weaknesses. 

NOTE: The application review service covers 1 review of an application. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The JCU written application workshop was exceptional! Fahad and his team have been unbelievably helpful and generous with their advice. They really went over the top to provide invaluable constructive advice and suggestions going over details in great depth. Going over the expected finish time by 1hr30mins to answer our questions and provide step-by-step guidance on our written application is a testament of Fahad and his team's dedication in helping us best prepare our written responses. This was such an amazing opportunity and would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to excel in their written application!!

Great offer

Thorough, personalised help specifically targeted to your situation. Great detail and advice provided throughout. Well presented critique and great suggestions throughout to guide you towards constructing an application of much greater quality. Insight that would otherwise go un-noticed.

Thanks for all your help, would definitely recommend